Multi-attachment orthodontics

Multi-bracket orthodontics, with its metal brackets and wires, is a proven and effective method for correcting various dental alignment problems, suitable for both teenagers and adults.

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What is multi-attachment orthodontics, also known as classic orthodontics?

Multi-bracket orthodontics, also known as classical orthodontics, is a technique based on the use of brackets and wires. Small metal or ceramic housings are attached to the visible part of the tooth, all connected by a metal wire.

This treatment can be offered to both teenagers and adults.

During consultations, Dr. Israa Hariri checks the alignment of your teeth, adjusting if necessary the metal arch of the appliance, the connector of each bracket. Elastic bands can also be added to control jaw movement.

What solutions does this treatment offer?

Two types of rings are available:

  • Transparent rings: also a highly effective solution, they stand out for their discretion.
  • Metal braces: the best-known solution, they have long proved their worth in orthodontics. The aim is to create a highly effective alignment of the teeth. This is the technique most commonly used with teenagers.
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