Dr. Israa Hariri : Your Orthodontist in Luxembourg

Visit our Practice: Orthodontic Solutions and the Patient Journey

At your orthodontist in Luxembourg, Dr. Israa Hariri, discover one of our modern orthodontic treatments, focusing on the Invisalign technique. Our video guides you through the personalized patient journey, reflecting our holistic approach from the first consultation to the revelation of your transformed smile. Transcending traditional orthodontic methods, we are committed to providing a memorable experience and superior care.

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Dr. Israa Hariri


Drawing on her experience as a clinical specialist in orthodontics at Align Technology, Dr Israa Hariri has settled in Schifflange to offer her expertise in the Invisalign technique to patients of all ages. She completed her university studies in France and holds a :

  • University Diploma in Cranio-Facial Growth and Dento-Maxillo Facial Orthopedics (Paris Descartes University);
  • Advanced Study Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry and Prevention (University of Rennes 1);
  • State Diploma of Doctor in Dental Medicine.


Qualified dental assistant

A dental surgery assistant for over three years in France, Sandra broadened her areas of expertise by moving to orthodontics in Luxembourg. Her experience in dental surgery, orthodontics and general practice has given her a broad and comprehensive view of the dental care field.

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Our values

Listening to our patients

Le bien-être de nos patients est notre priorité. Nous mettons ainsi tout en œuvre pour développer une approche bienveillante, afin de mieux comprendre leurs besoins et adapter leur traitement.

Building trust

Nous accompagnons nos patients sur plusieurs mois, voire plusieurs années. Le lien que nous créons avec eux tout au long du traitement est alors précieux pour les conseiller au mieux selon leurs habitudes, leur mode de vie, leur âge…

Providing quality care

L’excellence est notre maître mot. Nous avons à cœur de nous tenir régulièrement informés des nouvelles pratiques et des dernières avancées technologiques. Nous utilisons du matériel de dernière génération (scan itero 5D), afin de proposer à nos patients des soins de qualité.

Our equipment

Our practice is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, contributing to the excellence of the care we provide and guaranteeing optimal patient care.

Itero Invisalign

A 3D scanner for digitally produced prints

The first dental imaging system, Scan Itero 5D enables 3D intra-oral images to be produced in full color, without the need for impressions and without harmful radiation.
These are carried out digitally, reducing discomfort for the patient.
These images also enable us to detect cavities and monitor their development in real time.
This method also enables us to offer our patients a simulation of their treatment with dental aligners (Invisalign). This makes it easier for them to visualize what their future smile will look like.

Prophylaxis devices for professional dental cleaning

To guarantee our patients a comfortable, pain-free dental experience, while improving their oral health, we use an innovative prophylaxis technique, via the Airflow Prophylaxis Master, Perioflow and Piezon devices.
This new professional dental cleaning solution eliminates pathogenic bacteria (harmful plaque, stains, tartar) without damaging teeth. It uses only water, pulsed air and powder. The surface of teeth and gums is preserved.
Gentle and non-invasive, this method is highly effective in preventing periodontal disease and cavities. The patient’s oral health is thus maintained and the aesthetics of his or her smile improved.

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A 3D printer for custom-made appliances at the surgery

Thanks to the high-precision 3D printer, dental appliances such as night gutters are produced directly in our practice. This technique brings unrivalled precision to provide you with the highest level of care and a perfect fit, tailor-made for your teeth.
Making dental appliances directly on site also enables us to reduce manufacturing times considerably. The 3D printer used in our practice does indeed offer very good printing speed and high throughput, so we can guarantee short lead times, even in busy periods.