Orthodontics for Adults

A radiant smile is not only attractive, it’s a reflection of optimal oral health. More and more adults are recognizing the value of orthodontic treatment, not only to enhance their smile, but also to improve their general well-being. Embrace a transformation that enriches both your aesthetics and your health.

New orthodontic treatments, in particular so-called “aesthetic” treatments, enable many adults toalign their smile discreetly. Transparent eavestroughs are the perfect example!

The aim is to establish the best treatment plan. Whatever you decide to do (from complete dental rehabilitation to simply improving the appearance of your smile), a consultation with your orthodontist is essential.

Adults do indeed sometimes have root canals, broken, restored or missing teeth, dental implants or other forms of prosthetics. This can modify the dental movements performed and the orthodontic mechanics used.

Orthodontic treatment of such cases is still possible, but sometimes requires an in-depth study of the case. It is often necessary to work in collaboration with the general dental surgeon and other dental specialists.