Welcome to the orthodontics practice of Dr. Hariri

Hello! I am Dr. Israa Hariri. I welcome you to my orthodontics practice.

I graduated from Paris Descartes University, specializing in cranio-facial growth and dento-maxillofacial orthopedics.

I am located in Schifflange. We have two treatment rooms here, equipped with the latest technologies in imaging and modern orthodontics.

We welcome you in French, English, Arabic, and Italian.

Thanks to my expertise and the cutting-edge technologies we use, we are committed to offering each patient personalized treatment, placing their comfort and oral health at the center of our concerns.

Because here, every smile is a unique story and deserves special attention!

Each stage of life comes with its own challenges, and we are here to support you through each of them.

From a very young age, we intervene, even on baby teeth, to anticipate and prevent potential malformations. This preventive approach aims to make any future treatments gentler and more effective.

Of course, teenagers and adults also find solutions tailored to their orthodontic needs at our practice.

To ensure optimal care, our treatment process is carried out in several key stages:

During the first visit, it’s a time to get to know each other! We start with a clinical examination, supplemented by X-rays, to make an accurate diagnosis of your situation.

Once the diagnosis is made, during our second meeting, we invite you to discuss the different treatment options tailored to your needs.

This is also an opportunity to present you with a detailed estimate and inform you about possible reimbursements.

The third visit is usually the big day! We proceed with the placement of your orthodontic appliance.

We will also give you all the hygiene and monitoring instructions for your appliance.

Subsequent visits are essential for regular monitoring and to control the progress of your treatment.

A practitioner could not excel without the support of expert hands. Sandra embodies this competence and essential strength for our practice.

At our practice, you are at the heart of our priorities. We put our expertise to work to offer you the best in orthodontics. Because a beautiful smile goes hand-in-hand with healthy teeth!

Our practice is also equipped with sterilization equipment for interventions that are both safe and serene.

We are also at the forefront of information technology. Thanks to the Dentapoche app, you can follow the progress of your treatment and communicate with us directly at any time, whether it’s for an emergency or a specific question.

We are happy to welcome you in a warm and professional atmosphere, but also comforting and playful, especially for the little ones.

For a radiant smile and perfectly healthy teeth, visit our orthodontics practice.