Introducing Direct Immediate Payment : Everything you need to know about how it works and its advantages

Remboursement CNS orthodontiste Luxembourg

The healthcare sector in Luxembourg is currently undergoing a major breakthrough with the introduction of Direct Immediate Payment (PID) by the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS). This innovation is designed to considerably simplify the process of covering medical expenses for patients.

In practical terms, what is PID?

The PID is a system enabling instant digital data exchange between the healthcare professional’s management software and the CNS. During a consultation, the procedures performed are transmitted in real time to the health insurance company, which, after verification, immediately pays the reimbursable portion. This means that patients no longer have to pay in advance: they simply pay their personal share to the practitioner.

Once the request has been approved by the CNS, the corresponding payment is immediately made to the service provider. Following this transaction, the patient receives a document certifying the medical procedures performed and the amounts reimbursed.

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This document, specific to the PID process, takes the place of an invoice and can be used by the patient to claim any additional benefits from his or her supplementary insurance. This document does not need to be sent to the CNS, as the reimbursable portion has already been paid directly to the healthcare professional. This document simplifies administrative procedures for the patient, providing instant proof of the care received and the amounts involved.

Benefits for the patient

By eliminating the need to advance reimbursable amounts and delays in reimbursement, the PID brings many concrete benefits to the patient:

  • Simplify administration by avoiding reimbursement procedures
  • Easier financial management of health care, without the need for large advances
  • A significant time-saver and peace of mind

Thanks to this complete dematerialization, medical appointments now run even more smoothly and transparently for the patient. He can concentrate on what’s essential: his care.

An approved and secure device

To offer PID, medical practices and other healthcare professionals must have software specifically approved by the CNS. This guarantees secure processing of the data exchanged, in compliance with the strictest standards. Our firm is one of the first to offer this innovative service to its patients.

Covered procedures: The main cases of application

While the majority of consultations, standard dental care and radiology procedures are already eligible for the PID scheme, there are still some exceptions. For the time being, therefore, treatments requiring prior CNS approval, as is the case for certain major orthodontic or prosthetic treatments, follow the usual procedures with advance payment and reimbursement of expenses.

However, the scope of application is to be gradually extended to include a maximum number of acts. Details of the procedures included and excluded, and practical arrangements, are available from the professionals offering the PID, as well as on the CNS website.

Towards a new standard in medical practice

The rollout of PID to all medical specialties, which began in March 2024, marks a real step towards an improved care experience for patients. Facilitated by the digital transition in the healthcare sector, this evolution should rapidly become the norm in Luxembourg medical practice.

The professionals who pioneered the adoption of this system play a key role in making this simplified experience accessible to as many people as possible. It’s a fantastic opportunity to rethink our approach to care, putting the patient at the heart of our priorities through an ever smoother and more serene care pathway.


No, the PID is a relatively new technological advancement in healthcare and has not yet been widely adopted. Our practice is proud to be among the first in Luxembourg to implement this technology. By choosing our practice, you gain direct access to this streamlined payment system, allowing you to manage your healthcare expenses more effectively without the need for upfront payments.

Yes, the PID is valid for all insured persons covered by the Luxembourg health and maternity insurance scheme (CNS, CMFEP, CMFEC, etc.). The CNS will continue to cover the costs.

Of course, the other repayment methods (conventional, accelerated) still coexist with the IRS. In the event of disagreement over CNS pricing, or if the patient prefers not to use the PID, the usual reimbursement procedures still apply.

No fee statement will be printed. You will simply receive a receipt on your own behalf, in the form provided. The details of the PID payment will be available in your online space on or will be sent to you by post according to your preferences.

No, PID is a free service, at no additional cost to the patient. It is designed to simplify your healthcare pathway.

Use of the PID is in no way compulsory for the patient. You are free to choose whether or not to be covered by this method during your consultations.

Detailed information on the procedures and treatments eligible for PID, as well as exclusions, can be obtained directly from your healthcare professional or from the Caisse Nationale de Santé website.